The Benidorm tv show must go on.. thanks to Advanced Chiropractic

Bobby KnuttBenidorm is not only one of Britain's favourite holiday hideouts but is also best known in the UK for the British ITV sitcom “Benidorm”, written by Derren Litten.

The 8th season show is currently filming with a full set of actors, directors and extras in the heart of Benidorm. Some of which visit us at Advanced Chiropractic in their time of need. It is not uncommon for the hard working cast, like the starting actors Bobby Knutt and Hannah Waddingham or the director David Sant, to experience pains and discomforts as a result of minor problems with the spine.

The reasons behind back and neck problems are unique to the individual and the job they do on the set. For the director it means possibly sitting for prolong periods of time, for the camera man it is carrying heavy equipment and for the actors it could be related to increased stress levels as the Benidorm Season 8 is filmed in a relatively short time. Many hours standing can put excessive stress on our body.

At Advanced Chiropractic we are experts at analysing spinal structure. In case we find vertebras moving abnormally we utilize specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments to correct the spinal malfunction. We are pleased that we could be of assistance for the continuation for yet another series of the popular tv show “Benidorm”.

“Working as the director it is essential that I can move my neck freely without discomfort. The excellent treatment by Advanced Chiropractic has made me regain my full range of motion and flexibility. My neck stiffness is completely gone. Thank you! “
- David Sans. Director of Benidorm Series 8

“I am an actor working in Benidorm, Spain. I was suffering with acute lower back pain with every step I took. Being an ex weightlifter I have endured this sort of injury in the past and always resorted to painkillers but this time they didn’t work. My film company recommended a chiropractor and Bill Dimoulis was the guy I saw. Within 3 weeks my pain was ended entirely. Thank you Bill, you are a miracle worker”.
-Bobby Knutt. Actor at Benidorm Series 8