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Insomnia or the difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep is one of the most dangerous long term conditions from which people suffer. Proper quality and quantity of sleep are vital factor that influence the body's inherent capacity to heal. When a person reaches a normal series of deep sleep cycles is when maximum healing and damage repair and control can occur. Many traditional doctors still prescribe drugs to help a person to "sleep".

These drugs are dangerous for two main reasons: 1. they can be highly addictive and 2. According to many scientific studies these drugs produce a "fake sleep" where the person never reaches the deep sleep cycle that is so vital to healing and cellular repair. In essence the person is drugged but not really sleeping in the true sense of the word. Incapacity to deal with stress is the number one reason for which people suffer from insomnia.

Study after study from around the world has proven without a doubt chiropractic's effectiveness in helping the body to adapt more effectively to stressors encountered in life. One of the most common first reactions that patients report to us after their first adjustment is that they are sleeping much better. This is a vital step in the healing process!


María García Carcelén

Maria CarcelenI went to Advanced Chiropractic because I had pain in the cervical area, lumbar area, sciatica, and insomnia after a car accident back in 2002. Stress after has aggravated the symptoms. I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and medication but they only gave me short term relief. Now I can say that I am 75% better. I do not longer need to take medication and I'm able to sleep and rest properly every night. It is a wonder!

I knew chiropractic through friends, but for people who do not know it, I think they should try because this is the best way to look after your health. My physical and mental health has improved immensely with chiropractic care.



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