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To achieve optimal structural spinal correction Advanced Chiropractic works with Redcord ®. This is a system for suspension training developed in Norway. It has been widely studied and scientifically documented for over two decades. In Redcord we can reactivate the deep muscles to keep the vertebras in their optimal position.

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REDCORD MEDICAL -Pain relief and improved physical function

 NEURAC ® means “neuromuscular activation”. It is a method developed by Redcord that allows us to detect muscular imbalances and dysfunctions and thereafter correct them.

 The muscles that do not receive the necessary nerve impulses do not work as they should. This disturbs the normal muscle balance and leaves some of them continuously overloaded and as a consequence painful and stiff. This in turn can cause chronic pains and recurring problems. 

Neurac is a unique method based on therapeutic exercises by ropes and slings and the use of your own body weight. We systematically analyze the whole body to reveal weaknesses between the nervous system and muscles so we can correct them.

Neurac treatment has five main elements:redcord new

1. Suspension exercise

  • Closed kinetic chain (body-weight-bearing exercises)
  • The use of ropes and slings for graded suspension. 


  • The effects of an unstable surface provided by the slings
  • Perturbing the ropes and slings manually to increase 

3.Use of various movement planes

  • Conscious use of movement directions like the body works in everyday life.

4. Workload

  • Taloired exercise with precise grading of workload.
  • Neuromuscular challenge gradually increase

5. Pain free approach

  •  No provocation of pain
  • Alternatively no increase of existing pain

Results in less time

In many cases it is possible to relieve pain and improve muscle function in only one session, but normally it is necessary between five to ten sessions to see structural changes.

Works for everybody

Redcord means "the common thread" in Norwegian and is a link between health care, general fitness and performance enhancing training. It is being used by people of all ages and states of health. It has proven effective for those who need rehabilitation, who want to improve their quality of life or those who wish to improve their sports performance, even up to Olympic level.

Redcord is recommened in cases like: 

  • Whiplash of neck
  • Backaches
  • Sports Injuries
  • Injuries and chronic damage
  • Problems with balance or coordination
  • Scoliosis
  • Shoulder and arm injuries
  • Hip and leg injuries
  • Pelvic problems, e.g. pregnancy or after birth
  • Poor posture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • General weakness
  • Poor control of core muscles
  • Rehabilitation after fractures or surgery

Our specially trained physiotherapist


Ingunn Stanghelle Velarde

Ingunn Stanghelle Velarde is a physiotherapist, graduated from the University of Bergen, Norway in 1999. She has been especially interested in the field of rehabilitation and has followed up with further studies and more than ten years of professional practice. Lately she has dedicated herself to the Redcord system, a scientific and highly specific equipment and its rehabilitation method, Neurac®, for neuromuscular problems that affect most people that have disorders in the musculoskeletal or nervous systems.

She is also very interested in the human being in general and how to achieve changes both in the physical, mental and spiritual fields. She therefore acquired two additional educations: Four years of Theology from Granada and Alicante, and, during six years, the education in Comunicology in Scandinavia. As a certified comunicologist, amongst other things, she is qualified to work as a personal coach.


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