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Vertigo / Dizziness

Joanna Nugent

I was having serious problems since for the last 3 months. I was diagnosed with "Manieure´s Disease" which included almost daily dizziness attacks, sickness and vertigo. I have been to specialists, hospitals and many different doctors, but no one could treat the problem or knew what was causing it.

After having x-rays done my chiropractor told me that some vertebras were misaligned in my neck and it was causing the problem I had for more than 3 months. Almost immediately, after 2 or 3 chiropractic treatments, the symptoms disappeared and I started to feel almost 100% better. I did not need to take any medication.

Now I am definitely going to continue with the chiropractic treatments in order to prevent this problem to happen again. It is by far the best option I could ever find. 

I don't think people realized how many problems can be caused by not having a healthy spine.


Gerd Schwabe

Gerd Schwabe

I was recommended to see Aleks Bjargo by my son Morten, who had been helped for his low back pain and sciatica. I had suffered from a stiff neck and dizziness for many years. Dr Aleks found a pinched nerve in the top part of my neck which caused my problems. He put me on the bench and with his hands he made a gentle movement . I felt immediate relief and after a few weeks the dizziness was gone also. Now I don´t have to worry about falling anymore and since I live alone this is very important for me.

Thank you for the nice treatment I have received at Advanced Chiropractic.


Danielle Cnops

Danielle Cnops

I came to the chiropractic centre with a very bad case of vertigo and stiffness in the neck. During the time that I have been receiving my chiropractic adjustments the stiffness is gone and I don't have any more dizziness.

The centre has a really nice atmosphere and they are very professional.

I have already recommended chiropractic care to my daughter.





Dizziness is a common complaint in the chiropractic office. Disequilibrium is most often cervical in origin and it has been shown in several studies that the cervical spine plays a very strong role in the body's regulation of equilibrium sense. In fact a noted medical text book authority Guyton states that the cervical spine plays the most important role in this regulation. Most cases of dizziness that we see in our offices are linked with the amount of curvature found in a side view of the neck.

Spinal subluxations that exist for years in the cervical region cause damage to the normal curves of the spine which stress and stretch the spinal cord and nerves thereby causing a loss of equilibrium and the resulting dizziness in many cases. Frequent chiropractic adjustments time and time again produce miracles where all other traditional doctors and medications have failed.

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