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Back pain

Dolor de espalda

Back pain can range from dull and achy to sudden sharp twinges. The pain may arise suddenly, with a fall or lifting something heavy, but it can also worsen gradually. The two most common causes are: 1) inflammation of the nerve rich facet joints on the back side of each pair of vertebras, or 2) the intervertebral disc, where the sof pulpy material in the middle bulge, putting pressure on nearby nerves. Pain is the message the brain is giving you that something is causing tissue damage, most commonly a malfunctioning joint. Some silence their symptoms with a pain reliever and ignore the message, but that would be like removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector.  

What are your choices? Bed rest - spinal problems may worsen, Exercises - may stress malfunctioning joints even more, Medicine - numbs the body, Surgery - the last resort or the Chiropractic approach. We have helped many people with safe and natural chiropractic care. Specific chiropractic adjustments restore normal spinal function so that disc and soft tissue may heal, nerve involvement may be reduced and pain can ease. 




Zahl knutsen Greta litenGreta Zahl-Knutsen - Retired - Low back pain

 After sitting too long on a hard bench I developed back pain. I went to see the doctor who gave me various medications, but these did not help. I went to Advanced Chiropractic in Albir and after 6 treatments by chiropractor Aleksander Bjargo, my back is straightened out and the pain has now gone.

At Advanced Chiropractic I have been very well received and felt "seen". It is important - in my opinion - that those you meet at the reception also are attentive and helpful. Thank you very much!


Petter Thomassen - CEO OPT-E AS - Low back pain

Petter Tomassen 1

Friends in Albir recommended that i go to visit Advanced Chiropractic for my back pain. I was met with a very good and positive attitude from day one. After only 3 treatments this confirmed my perception of the clinic. I had major problems with the area of my low back, but 5 days and 3 treatments later i returned to my usual supreme form.

I would highly recommend Advanced Chiropractic to everyone.



 Byrgerd Lamhauge - Retired

Byrgerd Lamhauge250

 I have had back problems for many years. It has been very stiff and I have had a lot of pain. After 3 treatments at Advanced Chiropractic in Albir I feel so much better and am not stiff anymore. Aleksander Bjargo is a very efficient, great chiropractor, friendly and sympathetic. Everybody that works at the clinic is really friendly and makes you feel very welcome.


Asbjørn Djuhuus - Skipper

Asbjorn Djurhuus and AleksI heard through “ Solorka” at the Faroe Islands that the treatment had been really good at Advanced Chiropractic in Albir. The first time I came to the clinic was in 2017 and I got excellent help with my back problems. Because of this I came back again in 2018 and have received the same great service and treatment which has now made me feel so much better.

When I came to the clinic in 2017 I could not walk more than 20 meters, this has all changed and I can walk as much as I want now.

Hilda Royal - Retired

Hilda RoyalI came to Advanced Chiropractic in Albir with back and groin pain.

I was attended by Aleksander Bjargo and feel the service was excellent. I am very happy with the treatment I received and now feel much better.







Guri Schreiner Tømta - Retired

Guri Tomta 2When I came to Advanced Chiropractic in Albir for the first time, I had severe pain in my thigh. It was very difficult to walk and I was dependent on using walking sticks to help. I received a thorough examination and explanation from the chiropractor Aleksander Bjargo. I really felt like I was with someone who wanted to get to the bottom of my problems. He sent me to get X-rays and then he analysed them to see how to proceed for my care. I got better and better after each treatment and now I can go for walks and also continue with my workout at home every day.
I am very pleased with the reception staff and also my treatments that I have received at this clinic.



Elin Geene Lie - Retired

Elin Geene LieI came to Advanced Chiropractic in Albir with acute low back pain. Here I received emergency help from Aleksander Bjargo and also follow-up treatment that has helped. I am very pleased and today I am pain free after 4 treatments. I have started to do exercises to prevent further problems.






Laila Øren - Retired

Laila oren250I was on holiday in Albir when I got acute low back pain. I decided to contact Advanced Chiropractic to see if they could help me. I had 3 treatments by chiropractor Aleksander Bjargo before I was heading back to Norway and felt that I got better and better. I am almost 75 years old, but have been exercising regularly since I was 22.
I feel so much better now, so it was really worth the visit to the chiropractor clinic.







Gareth White - Decorator

Gareth WhiteI would like to thank everybody at Advanced Chiropractic in Albir. I came here as a last resort to my back pain as I could barely walk or even sit up straight. The work they did to me was nothing short of a miracle and they gave me the best advice to put me on the right road to recovery to which I can't thank them enough. I really hope to stay in touch even if it is just to say hello as I live in Wales, because I feel I have made friends here to.
Wishing you all the best.

Many Thanks Gareth






Christian Funck - M.Sc. International Management & Marketing

funck2I found the clinic whilst doing some googling for someone with the same pathology as me.
I had just returned from a very long motorbike trip (9 months), which I unfortunately had to cut short because of increasing pain in my wrists.

I was after numerous tests in various hospitals and clinics I was diagnosed with trapped ulnar nerves at the level of the elbows and triceps. I was also suffering from severe inflammation in my wrists and strong pains in both wrist and elbows.
My muscles around my neck, shoulders, upper part of the back and forearms were extremely tight and no therapy so far had given me any relief.

Shortly prior to the planned visit to the clinic, I had a major incident taking me to emergency department. The diagnosis was vertigo, but basically it was just a shutdown of the muscles around my cervicals and hence a blackout and strong dizziness for almost two weeks.

The clinic
First of all, I must say all the guys at the clinic are just amazing people. Yes it's a business, yes they are busy, yes they have many patients, but it was always with this personal touch and personal interest in how you are doing, in your life, your story and also weren't they afraid to open up to tell about their life just making it all more nice to be with them.

The combination of physiotherapy, in this case active release therapy and chiropractic plus training/rehab was a great thing. It gave it all a much more holistic approach.
Paul loosened up the muscles, Aleks could then easier make his corrections (mainly the spine), and Ingunn would finish off with some exercises helping with postural corrections and training of those muscles functioning inadequately.
I chose to have some additional sessions of dialogues and coaching where we would address some of the non-physical issues and topics that also could affect the tense state of my body. A good add-on to complete the physical work.

Through their personal network I was able to attend some yoga classes and other extracurricular activities that made my stay so much more complete.

I ended up staying three weeks and my physical condition was majorly improved compared to when I arrived. I'm not cured which we already knew at the outset would not happen as I simply had been dragging around with the problems for too long.
But what we have achieved is to get me down a path where recovery can take place.

I cannot recommend the team and the clinic any higher. Thank you very much guys.

Simona Gregersen

Simona GregersenI can totally recommend to anyone that has back problems to go to Advanced Chiropractic in Albir. Here I have received incredible help and treatment for my back and foot problems. I was treated by Chiropractor Aleksander Bjargo and Physiotherapist Paul Espe. I will definitely come back to Advanced Chiropractic when I return to Albir next year.





Peggy Poulty - Retired

Peggy-PoultyThis summer, on holidays in Albir, I was on my way to the Pharmacy to buy painkillers because my back pain was unbearable. At that moment I passed the chiropractic center and thought this might be the solution to my problem without having to medicate myself. The same day I started my chiropractic adjustments. During my 3 weeks holiday in Albir and I was able to enjoy it without any pain. I want to thank Advanced Chiropractic for helping me so much.

 Michael Greenstreet

Michael GreenstreatThe main reason for coming to this clinic was to try chiropractic treatment since I had physiotherapy and also a MRI followed by a specialist appointment and still thoughts of an operation, which I really didn't want.

Since I started to receive chiropractic treatment the pain in my back and legs has decreased a lot and I am hoping for a full recovery to continue my sporting life pain free!

I'm always telling people to go to see a chiropractor. It is good for everyone!

Everyone in the clinic has been very pleasant, cheerful and helpful. 


Elaine Mitchell

Elaine MitchellOver the years I have suffered with various pains in my low back. I could not sit for any length of time without being in agony. I was taking painkillers and pain relieving gels, but they gave me only temporary relief. My first impression of the center was wonderful as I was met with smiling faces. Dr Aleks send me for spinal x-rays and then started the "adjustments". The first few chiropractic adjustments were uncomfortable but soon the pain reduced to soreness. Dr Aleks explained that early on the adjustments don't hold and they also can cause some swelling. However, now the adjustments are holding for longer and I am far more comfortable and in a lot less pain.

The other major "plus" is that having had a thorough explanation of what the spine does and the effects on the nerve system my whole body should function more efficiently as a result of having trapped nerves released.

Thanks so much to Aleks and chiropractic. I will continue to see you regularly.


Vannessa Robinson

Vannessa RobinsonI have had trouble with my low back for many years following a trampoline accident as a teenager and a car crash in 2001. I was recommended the chiropractic center by my neighbours.

After seeing chiropractor Aleks I now no longer have back pain. My posture has improved and also, after suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for many years, I now find I can eat a normal diet again.

I generally feel healthier and I have much more energy. The entire staff is very friendly and caring. Highly recommended!



Ana María García

Ana Maria GarciaWhen I came I had lumbago, shoulder pain, inguinal pain arms, knees and neck pain..

The chiropractic treatment has restored my health and my experience has been very positive. I cannot remember last time I was with NO pain

I have recommended chiropractic to everyone I know. 

Thank you Advanced Chiropractic



Ascen Alcalde Guerra (self- employed)

IAscen Alcalde Guerra had severe pain in my back when I first came to Costa Blanca Chiropractic Center.

My experience has been entirely satisfactory and has taught me how to take care of my spinal column. I have more energy, vitality and optimism and have recommended it to my children and close friends.




David Stanton , Polop, Alicante

David-StantonAfter a whole lifetime of lower back pain caused by a lifting injury in my youth, I finally visited a chiropractor. To my surprise only after two visits with adjustments I began to feel better. I have now been attending Advanced Chiropractic for 6 months and feel 100% cured. I also had a neck problem and after Dr. Bjargo's advice I purchased a Tempur pillow, and sleep much better, but even more important my stiff necks have disappeared. I love the energy in the clinic, and now I can even purchase food items in the health shop next door. Thank you all for changing my life!



Fransisco Berenguer

Fransisco BerenguerWhen I came to the chiropractic center I had general back pain for many years.

The pain has especially improved in the upper part of my back.   I will continue my chiropractic treatment until I feel 100%. I understand that after so many years of back pain it takes time to fully recover. But I am very optimistic.

I really appreciate the concern and the friendliness of everyone at the center. I cannot recommend it highly enough.





Julia Ledger (Secretary)

IJulia Ledger have been suffering from back pain for years, I couldn't even walk to the shops without being in pain and I would be in serious pain if I had to carry any bags.

Now, I feel generally so much better. I walk "taller" and I feel "freer." After approx. 20 adjustments I went for a 3 hours walk and felt no pain what so ever.

Chiropractic not only takes away the pain, it also improves general wellbeing and overall health.


Mark Poulton (Builder)


Mark-PoultonThrough my work I had increasing neck and back problems and hours of stiffness.

From my very first visit I was able to work without pain and also noticed a general improvement in my health. Before I was told by my doctor and hospital that nothing could be done for me, and I just had to live with the pain or change job. None of this is true as the chiropractor worked on me and with regular chiropractic adjustments I'm able to live a normal life.

Everyone is very friendly at the chiropractic centre, and after my adjustments I'm on top of the world.




Miguel Martinez (Concierge)

Martinez Martinez, MiguelI had a lot pain in my upper spine due to a pinched nerve at T3 vertebra. I noticed improvement already after the first chiropractic session. I feel my overall health has been optimized and all my pains have disappeared.

The treatment I have received at the chiropractic center has been very friendly and caring.




NATACHA CRESPO (Photographer)

Natacha CrespoBefore coming to the center had severe lowback pain when walking or sudden movement. Also of neck, which was making a strange sound? The pain significantly diminished with each session. My experience has been very satisfactory. Chiropractic has solved my back problems naturally without drugs. Also the professionalism and quality of the center has been top notch.

I have recommend chiropractic to my friends, as the treatment is very effective.



Nicolas Paz Achondo (Engineer)

Nicolas Paz AtxondoI had pain along my entire spine and it affected my performance at work.

I can honestly say that my improvement on a scale from 1 to 10 has been a 10! I have improved my physical performance; I have much more energy and a more optimistic view on life. I recommend the chiropractic center in Albir to everyone.




Pedro Maria Sampon (Real estate agent)

ISamper, Pedro Maria suffered from acute back pain that prevented me from sleeping and resting properly. Now thanks to chiropractic care the pain is gone and I can sleep peacefully again.

I'm very pleased with the experience. I encourage all people who suffer from problems similar to mine to try chiropractic.



Vicente Perez Sevilla (Mecanic)

HVICENTE PEREZ SEVILLA (Mecánico)e had a lot of pain in the left leg and lower back. 

Now I have no pain and the back is more flexible.

My experience with chiropractic has been to my satisfaction and I have recommended it to my friends because of that.



Hilde Visnes (teacher)

hilde visnesDuring my stay in Albir I did a Complete Structural Chiropractic Examination at Advanced Chiropractic. It was clear I had specific areas that were causing my back problems and they started to work on that. The care consisted of sessions with Redcord physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustments.  Now I will be continuing my care in Norway knowing the exact problem that I have. Thanks to Advanced Chiropractic for all their help.


Lunde – Teacher – Back pain

1 Harry Lunde

I seeked advanced chiropractic because of constant pains in my back, especially the lumbar part. During a short period of time of 14 days, Aleksander “took away” the pain and gave me a much better health stakes. I will bring his last health states for me back to my chiropractor in Norway. At last I will also mention how impressed I am over his way of practicing – very professional



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