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Herniated disc

Hernia Discal

A herniated disc, by definition relates to a degenerative condition in the vertebral disc. The disc is a fibro-cartilaginous cushion between spinal vertebra that maintains optimum spinal integrity and flexibility. The most common cause of disc bulging or herniation is vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxations lead to abnormal pressure and weight bearing instability on the delicate fibro-cartilaginous walls of the disc. The progressive degeneration and destabilization of these walls begins with microscopic and advances to gross macroscopic tearing of tissue in these disc walls leading to the bulging and eventual extrusion of the nucleus pulposus (gelatinous contents of the disc) resulting in dangerous levels of nerve impingement and even slow nerve atrophy and death. Until recently the only conventional medical procedures available were risky spinal surgeries and inconclusive corticosteroid therapies. However, new studies have confirmed that chiropractic adjustments can actually initiate significant restoration of disc volume and function thus allowing the patient to completely avoid a spinal surgery.


Candido Delgado Jordan

Candido Delgado JordanHad severe pain in the lumbar area for 2 herniated discs (L4, L5 and S1) but since I started to receive chiropractic treatment I feel I've improved at all levels. Now I can get out of bed and especially out of the car, which for me was always a problem, because I had to be very careful to avoid snagging.

My experience has been amazing as I improved; I wish I had known of such a wonderful way to look after your health before. I personally have improved a lot. Now I can say I have a normal life.

I recommend it to everyone because it has changed my life in many different ways. Everyone should try it. Many people will be surprised with the improvements. 

Catalina Wendel Koch

Catalina Wendel KochWhen I came to Advanced Chiropractic had pains in the legs, neck and spine. I was operated 20 years for a herniated disc and have osteoarthritis in the left hip and three lumbar vertebras. Before I could not walk more than 100 meters without taking a rest. Today I feel much improved, I can walk normally and I have quit taking medication and painkillers. I'm very satisfied and amazed over my recovery in only two months. A big thank to the staff also who is makes the experience so pleasant. I have recommended the center to all my friends and acquaintances. 

James Light

James LightI had severe pain due to a herniated disc in my lumbar spine.

The care at Advanced Chiropractic has been completed successfully. Iy has cured my sciatica in right leg.

On top of that the staff is really friendly and efficient.

Highly recommended.


                                                                                             Joan Vidal Alcañiz (Painter)

Joan VidalI had severe pain due to a herniated disc. 

The care at Advanced Chiropractic was completed successfully. Chiropractic adjustments cured my sciatica in right leg.

The back operation is cancelled which is a huge relief. I am able to continue my work painting without any pain. 

The staff is really friendly and efficient. 

I think more people in Spain that suffer with herniated disc and sciatica should seek chiropractic treatment before doing anything else.

Geoffery Swatman

geoffrey swatmanI have visited the chiropractic clinic for cervical and lumbar pain because through my life I have had several accidents; this in return has left my spine in a really bad condition with several herniated discs. I have felt pain through out my body for years. When I got here I was already thinking there was no solution for my problem. With chiropractic treatment my recovery was slow but I saw progression. My daughter Mandy had to assist me to every appointment, which meant I did not miss a single session. She has been a great support to me. To date I have already received 3 months of correction and almost thirty chiropractic adjustments. I have regained mobility in all my body; no more pain in the mornings and my quality of life is much better. I don’t have to take medication anymore and I have brought my wife Janet Swatman to start with chiropractic care as well.





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