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Migraines / Headaches


If you suffer from migraines, you're certainly not alone. They're relatively common, affecting an estimated 10% of the population. What can be done to get rid of migraines? According to a recent study chiropractic care may hold the answer:

One hundred and twenty-seven migraine patients (at least one migraine per month) were divided into two groups for comparison. Group 1 received chiropractic adjustments and group 2 served as controls and received inactive treatment (electrical stimulation with no current delivered). Subjects receiving chiropractic adjustments reported substantial improvement in migraine frequency, duration, disability, and medication use following two months of treatment. One in five participants reported a 90% reduction in migraines, and half reported significant improvement in migraine severity.

Are you tired of migraine headaches ruining your day? With over the counter medications proving less than effective (and often accompanied by dangerous side effects), it's time to fight the pain from another angle. Many of our patients have seen their lives transformed from pain-full to pain-free!!


María Milagros Ferrer Vizcaino

Milagros Ferrer VizcainoI came to Advanced Chiropractic with lots of pain. I had headaches almost daily and frequent migraine attacks. Chiropractic care has helped me immensely. I used to take many medications every day, now I'm off all of them and my headaches have disappeared completely. I sleep much better and in general my quality of life is improving day by day.

Everyone in the center is very friendly; they inform you about everything you need to know. I think chiropractic is an excellent way to look after your health and an alternative to the medications we are accustomed to take which not really solve our health problems, only masking them. 

Maria Carmen Garcia

Maria Carmen GarciaWhen I came to the center had migraines, allergies, asthma and lumbago. I have reduced the medication more than 70%. My experience has been truly interesting and my level of satisfaction is very high as I have hardly any discomfort anymore. I have told my family and friends about how much chiropractic has helped me. I hope they will go as well.
I live in Benidorm in the province of Alicante



Christine Van Kluyven

Christine van KluyvenI suffered with headaches for years and pain in shoulders and back. Really, I went to the chiropractic center as a last hope that maybe somebody could help me to get rid of the pain.

With chiropractic care you have a good possibility to get rid of pain that a medical doctor has no answer for. I don't have headaches anymore and I'm full of energy in the morning. 



Raquel Bermudo Jiménez

Raquel Bermudo JiménezBefore coming to the chiropractic center in Albir I had pain in my back, hip and frequent migraines. I had to take anti-inflammatory almost daily to cope with the pain. I think my health has benefited in every way, I have improved my back and my migraines have almost disappeared. I am very happy with the results, and above all the friendliness of the workers at the center. I recommend having chiropractic care to all people who tell me they have back pain or migraines and in particular, I recommend visiting Advanced Chiropractic in Albir.





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