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Lucia Lloyd

Lucia Lloyd

Aleks Bjargo DC. is a unique chiropractor. I saw him all the way through my first pregnancy, giving relief for heart burn symptoms, tightness in my cervical (neck), and the left of my pelvis. Sciatica didn't even get a look in! Due to moving countries, I could no longer see Aleks for my second pregnancy, and realized just how good a chiropractor he had been, as my subsequent chiropractor was not able to adjust my spine as well as Aleks did, leaving me with a very tight pelvic area, and occasional sciatica.

From my experience working with him too, he is brilliant with children - in one instance he helped a child learn to walk, whose alternative was to have a major operation, (every parents & child's nightmare), thanks to Aleks'  chiropractic adjustments they were saved from this ordeal, and the child walked! 


Kristin Tennebø 

Kristin Tennebø-Pregnancy

I was pregnant and with the increased weight and big belly I got some difficulties in my lower back and pelvis area. I was recommended to see Dr. Aleks Bjargo since he had specialized in problems during pregnancy! He really made my pregnancy much easier with the help he provided me.

I could move easier and more importantly train throughout my whole pregnancy. He is truly committed to his patients and offers you guidance and explanations, always with a smile!

Thank you very much!


Aina Riegel

Aina Riegel

I had back pain and also had tried to get pregnant for 1 ½ year without success. I discovered I had a thyroid problem and not able to get pregnant. Two months after starting chiropractic treatment I became pregnant and I have continued throughout pregnancy with periodic adjustments. Now (almost 3 years later), I'm pregnant again and my back is perfect. The whole chiropractic experience has been wonderful. I am very satisfied.

* Aina had a baby girl in January, and a week after birth the baby was adjusted by Dr. Aleks. Since then she comes regularly with her two children for chiropractic checkups"


Melissa Bjargo 

Melissa - pregnant

My name is Melissa, and I am Dr. Aleks's wife.

I had 2 completely natural pregnancies (which means no scans, no medical treatment and a home birth with only a midwife present) and throughout the whole time being pregnant I was adjusted every week. For me it was important to have a fully functioning nervous system since I was actually making a baby inside. Aleks is a Gonstead Chiropractor which is a technique that works really well for pregnancy. The adjustments do not hurt at all, but I found it was a bit hard to find a comfortable position when the belly got really big. We bought pregnancy pillows from the USA, especially designed to use when adjusting pregnant women. That made it super comfortable. Both my home births went really well and Aleks examined our babies' minutes after to make sure their spine was in perfect shape.



During pregnancy changes in the center of gravity of the woman's body occur. The body must constantly find its balance and adapt to the new state, the increase of weight and the organic changes associated to the pregnancy. This produces constant tension in the pregnant woman's vertebral column.

The descent of the fetus into the pelvic cavity often is accompanied by more or less discomfort and/or pinching in the lower back, as well as in the pelvic bones and joints. This discomfort is associated to the stretching of the pelvic ligaments in preparation for birth. The nerves to the uterus, the lower back, pelvic muscles and the sciatic nerve originate in the lumbar spine and sacrum. Apart from the physiological discomfort directly associated to the increase in weight, and the body's new center of gravity, the pregnant woman may also experience the classical discomforts associated to hormonal changes: morning sickness, dizziness, oedema in the lower limbs (swelling), fluid retention and general feeling of fatigue.

During pregnancy the tendency of the vertebrae of the spine to misalign and the imbalance on a nervous level increases notably due to the various changes the organism experiences. Your chiropractor can help you with the typical spinal discomfort associated to pregnancy and at the same time prepare the pelvic structure for a smooth delivery without complications.

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