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Scoliosis can be a deforming and debilitating condition. By definition it is any abnormal lateral deviation of the spine. While in many cases its cause is unknown, chiropractors have found that over the years many patients with scoliosis have greatly benefited from chiropractic care. Obviously a spine that is twisted suffers more strain and imbalance than a spine that is aligned. Chiropractors, being the only specialists in the maintenance of normal spinal alignement, can help people with scoliosis life their lives free from pain and thus enjoying their maximum health potential and spinal integrity.



Naomi Gallardo Cuartero

INaomi Gallardo Cuartero was born premature with cerebral palsy following a cerebral hemorrhage that affected the left half of my body; I was operated on both the left and right femur, varus osteotomy. Recently I was diagnosed with scoliosis, thoracolumbar and which should be operated if worsen.

But ... thanks to the chiropractic treatment I have been recovering mobility from the neck to the soles of the feet, I can jump and walk better without losing stability and falling .

At first I was much fear and pain so that the sessions were very difficult for my chiropractor. Soon I realized that the discomfort I felt in each session had nothing to do with real pain. Now everything is different for me, I am very happy to have so much flexibility and that my life is like everybody else

I have recommended chiropractic care to my friends and acquaintances because many of them suffer from illnesses and because I want them to have the chance to improve their health and their body to have more happiness in their life every day.


Audré Alvado

Audré Alvado

When I first came to chiropractic center my spine really hurt, I had awful pains in the neck, sinusitis and one hip much higher than the other. I could not concentrate very well.

My scoliosis has been reduced from 2.5 to 1.9 cm. My health has benefited in every way and I my life is much better without any discomfort.

My experience has been wonderful since everybody at the center have been very good to me, being so friendly and showing interest in me personally.

Big hug!



  Clifford Jones

clifford jonesI came to Advanced Chiropractic with acute pain in my entire spine due to a long-standing scoliosis.

For the past four months I have attended a series of chiropractic sessions. I also attended their informative Health Talk presentation and brought my family and friends to see the chiropractor too.  When I started to feel better, Dr Tinker recommended that I try the neuromuscular reactivation method called Redcord Neurac in order to strengthen the spinal muscles.

Today I notice improvements to my overall health and I can return to my exercises without feeling any pain!  No medication, no surgery, just perseverance and patience!




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